About us

Welcome to сontemporary shaving culture!

Nebrito is a small team of wet shaving fans. For us, wet shaving is not a daily routine, but a slow-living philosophy of self-care. From thousands of shaving and grooming products, we choose those that correspond to our philosophy and spirit of the times: natural ingredients, environmentally responsible production, effective and gentle skin and hair care, support for small producers and local brands.

The online store nebrito.com launched in 2021. We choose non-mass manufacturers with high quality products: for shaving, grooming, body, face and hair care. You can choose from more than 400 shaving soaps and creams, almost 300 aftershave and 200 razors, as well as more than 100 options of natural body soap.

In 2023, we opened an offline store in Slovenia, in the lovely seaside town of Koper, 15 minutes from the border with Italy. In our boutique you can hold, touch, and smell any product from the nebrito.com before purchasing. In addition, the boutique offers products that are not in our online store: gift sets and fragile goods that we do not deliver by post, as well as local cosmetics, accessories and souvenirs from Slovenian artisans and manufacturers.

Nebrito offline store: Slovenia, Koper
Nebrito offline store: Slovenia, Koper

We love wet shaving and have been working with wet shaving products since 2017. Our expertise is at your service. Visit us and we will be happy to help you choose a razor, shaving product, skin or hair care product.