Gift ideas

Most Popular
155 €
Safety Razor Rockwell Black 6S
adjustable, closed comb, stainless steel, black
63 €
Safety Razor Rockwell 6C White Chrome
zinc alloy, white chrome
58 €
Safety razor Rockwell 6C Gunmetal
closed comb, adjustable
89 €
Safety Razor Henson AL13 Mild Aircraft Aluminum 2.0
closed cut, low aggressiveness, new version
30 €
Shavette Razor Antiga Barbearia de Bairro
stainless steel, wooden handle
89 €
Safety razor Henson Aluminum Aggressive Grey
medium high aggressiveness, aluminum, closed comb
46 €
Shaving Soap Mitchell's Wool Fat
for dry and sensitive skin, in a bowl, 125 g
20 €
Shaving Soap Antiga Barbearia de Bairro
with kaolin and glycerin, 150 g
186 €
Safety razor Tatara Masamune Nodachi Matte
closed comb, stainless steel
156 €
Safety razor Rockwell Red 6S
closed comb, adjustable
14 €
Bath Soap Antiga Barbearia de Bairro Principe Real Mega
moisturizing, with the aroma of bergamot, spices and citrus, 300 g
20 €
Shaving soap Stirling Candy Cane
moisturizing, 170 ml
62 €
Shaving brush Semogue SOC-C5 Finest Mistura (Taj)
combined pile, resin, acrylic, 24 mm
89 €
Safety razor Henson Medium Copper
closed comb, aluminum, medium aggressive
220 €
Straight razor Boker Elite Сarbon
6/8 inch, carbon steel, spanish point
95 €
Storage Box Boker
for 7 straight razors
249 €
Straight razor Boker Barber House
steel, 7/8 inch, barber's notch
54 €
Aftershave Balm Musgo Real
moisturizing, for sensitive skin, 100 ml
45 €
Pre-shave oil Musgo Real
moisturizing, refreshing, 100 ml
35 €
Aftershave Kit Extro Cosmesi Regionali
7 pieces, with alcohol, 140 ml
16 €
Beard Brush BRDS Grooming
synthetic, horsehair, wood
40 €
Beard and mustache Gift set Bradač Admiral
for all skin and beard types
50 €
Shaving soap D.R. Harris Windsor
with a bowl of beech
40 €
Beard Gift Set Bradač Divjak
for all types of beard and skin
144 €
Shaving Kit Bolin Webb X1 Cooper Red
with stand and case, Gillette Fusion head
13.50 €
Toothpastes set Marvis
3 flavors, 75 ml
34 €
Toothpastes gift set Marvis
7 flavors, 175 ml
320 €
Shaving Kit Tatara Essentials Kit
stainless steel, closed comb, fiber brush
126 €
Safety Razor Rockwell 6S
adjustable, stainless steel, brushed
269 €
Safety razor Lambda Athena
closed section, bronze alloy, in a mahogany case