Shaving Brush Semogue Pharos-C3 Pure Grey Badger

Badger pile, beech wood handle
18 €
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The Pharos-C3 Pure brush made from Grey Badger hair is one of the new bestsellers from the Portuguese company Semogue. Handcrafted, the handle is carved from beech wood and has a comfortable shape, while its deep black color emphasizes the simplicity of the design. Read the review
  • Suitable for whipping up foam in a bowl or directly on the face
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Before shaving, dip the brush in warm water, lather up the foam, and afterwards, rinse and dry with the bristles facing downwards
  • Badger hair
  • Wood
  • M (21-22 mm)
18 €
Semogue Pharos-C3 Pure Grey Badger
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