Shaving Stick Lea Original

For sensitive skin, 50 g
2.50 €
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The LEA solid shaving soap stick is a product with an improved formula for a soft and smooth shave. Active ingredients include lanolin, glycerin, bisabolol, allantoin, and menthol. The soap produces a thick creamy lather that perfectly moisturizes the skin, softens the bristles, and reduces the likelihood of cuts and irritation after shaving. It features a classic fragrance with sandalwood and musk. Read the review
  • Suitable for sensitive skin and daily use
  • For all types of bristles
  • How to use: 1) Put the soap in warm water, then apply to damp skin; 2) Whip it in a bowl and apply the foam to the skin and bristles
  • Hard shaving soap
  • SKU: BU-00143
  • Brand: Lea Lea
  • Made in: Spain
aqua, glycerin, lanolin, limonene, palm kernel acid, parfum, potassium palm kernelate, potassium palmate, potassium stearate, sodium palm kernelate, sodium palmate, sodium stearate, tetrasodium edta, tetrasodium etidronate, titanium dioxide.
2.50 €
Lea Original
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